How To Convert Facebook Video To MP4

Facebook videos make great entertainment material. These can be watched offline in MP4 format using a video downloader now.

Converting Facebook videos to MP4 format is a great idea. MP4 is a video format that saves the audio, video and its subtitles too. Thus, when you download and save a Facebook video into MP4 format, you need not restrict yourself to limited languages. You can have videos is any language with their subtitles and have more enriched collection of entertainment material on your computers or mobile phones.

To do this, you need a video downloader. It is nothing but a website which you can reach during a simple browsing session. Using this website does not demand going through any registration process nor does it have a free download limitation. You can download as many videos as required and in various formats which are best compatible with your device.

Process of converting Facebook videos to MP4

Facebook videos can be downloaded and saved in various formats most suitable to your device. The downloader is available online as a simple website. It is not software or an application. You do not face any upper limit restriction, as well, while downloading the videos. The important steps to be followed are enlisted as under:

  • a. Copy the link of Facebook video: You can find the link by clicking on the three dots on top right side. Select the option ‘Copy Link’ from the dropdown menu that appears on clicking these dots.
  • b. Open the online video downloader page in another tab.
  • c. Right click on the text bar provided in the downloader too site and select Paste.
  • d. Click ‘download’
  • e. You may be given MP4 format as a choice but in different qualities. Select the video quality best suited for your device and convert the file accordingly.
  • f. The downloaded file can be located in the ‘downloads’ folder of the file. You can save it from there in any desired location of your device.

The process is simple, does not demand any fee and can be repeated as many times as desired. Only thing to be careful about is the copyright issue. As far as you are downloading the videos for your personal entertainment purposes, it is not going to be troublesome. But, for reusing the video for professional objectives, you must give the owner the due credit and seek the permission. The Facebook video downloader, however, allows downloading of only those videos that are open to public. Thus, using this downloader is not illegal in any manner.

Important features of video download site are:

  • a. It can download videos from any video sharing platform: There are numerous social media platforms where lots of videos are uploaded every day. You can use the downloader as Youtube Downloader to save the videos from this platform. It can also be used to download videos from Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion, Instagram and various others.
  • b. It can save videos in multiple formats: You get a long list of format options to choose for saving the videos that are compatible with your device. The videos are converted into MP4 first before saving when requested.
  • c. The site is compatible with all browsers: Since it is just a website, you can use the downloader on all prevailing browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla and others.

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